Merging Dreams with Reality

At Peace Village we believe the best kind of dreams are the kind that can be lived within.  We are making the dream of living in the tropics a reality by making it MUCH more affordable and easy to accomplish!

By purchasing tropical land in bulk, we are able to offer individual plots at prices far below market value.  If you seek a beautiful place to call “home”, a place to visit on vacations, or a solid financial investment for the future, Peace Village is the answer.

Our founding principles are sustainability-oriented, with the goal of being an optimal place for humans to thrive!  Whether you are captivated by the idea of communal gardens and shared eco-ventures or you seek the solace of a secluded retreat, Peace Village is the canvas on which to paint your ideal life.

We offer a multitude of resources to make it easier and more affordable to build your ideal home, cultivate a flourishing garden, and seamlessly integrate into paradise living. Embrace the freedom to craft a life that reflects your unique vision – Peace Village provides the foundation for your future.

What’s your dream?  -Let’s make it a reality!

The first Peace Village will be located in the BEAUTIFUL  Dominican Republic!!!

Life in Paradise.  -Tropical living at it’s best!

Your dream lifestyle is no longer a distant vision – it’s a vibrant reality awaiting your embrace!

Peace Village is created to be a place where the path to thriving is paved with ease.  Whether you are seeking a permanent tropical residence or a serene getaway, we are here to assist you.

With prices starting at just $4000 (for around 1/2 acre, 2000 square meters), we have made the typically expensive dream of owning land in the tropics much more attainable.  -More Information about our affordable plots of land

It is our mission to provide extremely affordable plots of land as well as ongoing support for individuals seeking to live their best possible life!  By harmoniously combining sustainability practices with comfort and luxury, we are creating an idyllic haven anyone would be proud to call “home”.  -More Information about Peace Village Global and it’s founding principles

Discover a multitude of activities and offerings that cater to your desire for connection, growth, and relaxation. Engage in workshops that deepen your understanding of sustainable practices, explore our vibrant fruit forest, and find inspiration in the company of like-minded individuals.  -More information about our Amenities and Services

Feeling inspired to visit Want to explore Peace Village, be a student of life, enjoy the scenery, wander the fruit forest?

Book a stay at one of our guest cottages!  Or consider visiting Peace Village on our FREE Work/Exchange program.  -More information about visiting

Paradise beckons, will you answer it’s call?

Awaken to the Dream that IS Peace Village

Are you ever bored, tired, restless?  Feel like there are OTHER things you’d like to be doing?  -More important, more fulfilling things to be doing, but there are factors limiting you from beginning?  -Peace Village intends to be a place of new beginnings, a place where dreams take form in reality!

Do you desire to eat  the BEST foods on the planet?  Are you inspired to pursue optimal health, to create and enjoy a life in balance with nature?  Love a good tropical sunrise to start your day?  Would you like to feel free to sing in the middle of the night (because why not!?), dance in the rain, play music under the stars?  Barefooted fruit tree climbing for breakfast?  -It is our top priority to provide an ideal environment in which to enjoy the potent healing forces of nature.  

Do you seek an ideal place to practice yoga, meditate, play in the garden, pray, learn to walk on water (WHAT, it’s not worth trying!?)?  A place to allow your mind to wander for days, weeks, months, or even eternity?  Maybe it even feels like you need a place to lay down (and quit trying so hard to just keep existing)!?  -Our founding principles are directly related to our goal of creating a sanctuary-like-setting, a “village” in which it is convenient and easy to find deep healing, relaxation, and fresh inspiration.  At Peace Village, we put Peace first.

We welcome you to a place where we are remembering that the best dreams are the kind that can be lived within.

Dream. Thrive. Transform: The Peace Village Global Experience

We talk a lot about dreams, that’s because we literally want to redefine our standards for daily living.  To go beyond the ordinary, embracing a journey of transformation, an ongoing pursuit of Life itself.  Not just our life but the world around us.  Join us in crafting a story where your dreams become the very foundation of a life well-lived. 

Peace Village is an embodiment of possibilities – a space where the harmony of sustainable living unfolds in rhythm with your dreams.

Often, living among others can be a mixture of benefits, but also compromises not without obstacles, especially within one that is intended to be sanctuary-like.   “agreements”.  It is the structure

Eco-friendly policies

Family-safe environment

Vegan-themed community space

Profitability and jobs

The advantages of living amongst others on a similar quest of healing and cultivating peace are indeed MANY!!  For certain we will be offering daily yoga classes, live music, dance festivals, diet and health counseling, many varieties of healing modalities, various workshops (eco-home building, increasing soil health, making compost tea, creating clothes, building furniture, making jewelry, diet and health seminars, etc!), montessori-based schooling, and much more!  More information about Activities and Offerings within the Village here.

So why should you join our community and buy land at Peace Village? Well, for starters, you’ll be living in a natural paradise that’s a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You’ll also be joining a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about sustainability and natural living. Plus, you’ll get to tell all your friends that you’re part of an eco-village, which is basically like being a superhero.

So what are you waiting for? The jungle is calling, and it’s time to answer. Come join us at Peace Village and start living your best life

What's YOUR Dream Reality!? Want help creating it?