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Founding Principles of Operation

Focused on Health and Healing

The ‘Village Agreements’, ‘Founding Principles of Operation’, and ‘Land Owner Agreements’ of the community keep the vibes mellow throughout the land!
We are all here, alive, working to succeed at becoming the best version of ourselves.

Each of us has a unique path to walk in life. We have both constant and changing desires and needs. We are individual spirits seeking to understand and express the meaning of Life. In the processes of cultivating internal peace, healing, and relating with others, there will inherently be moments where we do not all have the same perspective of the moment, or the exact same vision. In these moments it is our duty and obligation to one another to remain respectful, humble, and to keep positive intentions and the notion of ‘healing space’ in mind and at heart. Together we can succeed at things that are impossible to accomplish alone! It is infinitely worth the efforts to maintain positive is said, “sometimes your greatest enemy is your greatest teacher”..if only we can learn to see each moment and each interaction as a challenge to create a positive effect, we will shift our perspectives and learn to relate in more healthful and healing ways with one another! When humans come together with similar dreams and shared intentions, great things are possible!

Preserving and Restoring Tropical Lands

Our goal is to be humble caretakers of the earth and of the land on which we call home! Studiously observing the local flora and fauna we will carefully yet quickly set out to increase biodiversity. We will have work/trade and village sponsored work projects to honor and preserve the land and increase it’s natural ability to be self-sustained.

This work will extend beyond Peace Village acreage in the form of outreach programs to local communities within the Dominican Republic. It is our dream to not only create abundance from within, but also to have a positive impact on our neighbors and the whole world!