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Profitability Plans

The Peace Village Global community already has entrepreneurs of many varieties.. from craftsman to artisans.

While the main objective of Peace Village Global is not to generate money, it is our goal to become abundant for the purpose of spreading quickly to other locations..building wealth within the community!

Peace Village Global will launch it’s “Abundance Program” so that each community and it’s “villagers” can be profitable.

Peace Village Global’s “Nature Abundance Program” Beliefs and Action:

1)Money DOES grow on trees..we will rapidly plant fruit bearing trees of hundreds of varieties!
A] To be sold as: sun dried, raw food bars, fresh frozen, freeze dried, and frozen raw pies..mmmm!

2)Herbs heal..& health is wealth!
A]sun dried herbs, herbal tinctures

B]beauty products and cosmetics (shampoos, soaps, etc), etc.
C]various health supplements from herbs grown on-site: We intend to grow, process, and package both spirulina and chlorella on-site..we believe this alone will be 1 hugely profitable business!

A]Sustainability workshops:
-eco construction, vegan diet, etc
B]Immersion Programs:
-healing retreats, yoga, massage, leadership training, etc.
C]Adventure tours
-hiking, waterfall jumping, surfing, etc.

-furniture, clothing, pottery, jewelry, instruments

-recording studio on-site to capture “the vibes” of inspired Peace Villagers