This page is Currently Under Development

Important note: We do not yet own the land on which this community will be built.  It is our intention to ‘pre-sell’ some of the acres on a crowd-funding platform to achieve the initial monetary requirements for the land to be secured as well as the infrastructure to be built for all of this to come together.

We are busy at work on the official “Community Agreements”, “Land Owner Agreements”, and other core structure to keep the community on course with it’s founding vision. Soon we will have a crowd-funded startup to secure the land, pre-selling acreages. More updates coming soon!

Learn more about Our  Dreams, Goals, and Intentions.

Affordable Private Acreages

Many of us seek a place to relax, to call “home”, a place to heal, a place to re-discover ourselves, and to live sustainably with the earth.

We encourage taking personal time and space for optimal health and healing. Private acreages are separate from communal areas and offer a serene place to connect with the healing elements of nature. Literally we hope you’ll FEEL you are 100% living your dreams..relax to your very core!

Raw pieces of land available! Choose the size that fits your life goals and budget. 1/10th acres starting at just $1400 and full acres for $7-10k -Perfect for anyone ready to build their own paradise to live in!

Various sized plots available away from the community hub and happenings! -Looking for something unique/special? Some of our plots feature such things as a river or stream, ocean views, access to on-grid electricity, existing road infrastructure, etc. Many of these plots are situated in a way to avoid interaction with others and immerse in extra privacy and tranquility.

Modern yet eco-friendly designs, composting bathrooms. optional amenities: a/c, swimming pool, landscape design, pre-established herb gardens, fruit trees, etc. -Desire more help hopping into your dream reality? Choose amongst various sized and priced acres/houses! 😀