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Want to push your yoga practice to new levels of perfection and accomplishment?  Or are you new to yoga and wanting to experience the benefits for yourself?  Either way, we’ve got you covered!  We offer twice daily FREE yoga classes to get you onto a solid personal routine.  Also available are personal one-on-one sessions, advanced-pose yoga in smaller groups, and Yoga Teacher Training Courses!

Free daily yoga classes

Beginner and advanced courses free for residents and work/trade guests.

Exclusive yoga classes

Expert level courses for advanced yoga practitioners to push themselves.

Yoga Teacher training workshops

Intensive multi-week courses facilitated by a certified yoga teacher trainer. Become a certified yoga instructor!

Meet our Instructors

Yoga Yoga Yoga, I do it all day every day

Lizzie Thompson

Training and 'Yoga is my life..10yrs experience teaching

Emma Velasquez